The word service doesn't always get a fair shake. Its definition is, "the action of helping or doing work for someone." In the Program, service is critical for recovery as it helps us to get outside of our own heads and away from our own toxic thoughts. Often those moments are just long enough to provide us much-needed perspective about ourselves and our place in the world. Service can be listening to someone in the Program when they need a kind ear. It can be making coffee and cleaning up before/after meetings. Service can even be volunteering to be a greeter at meetings, making sure people know where they are going and that they feel welcome. Sometimes service can just be a phone call to see how someone is doing, sometimes it can be mowing the lawn at your local church/meeting center, sometimes it is getting groceries for an indisposed neighbor. Some people can fix things, some people can watch children while their parents fill out job applications or meet with their sponsor.

One of the biggest myths about doing service is that we need to be in a "good place" before we do it. Wherever we are in our recovery process, as broken, awkward, messed-up, and dysfunctional as it feels sometimes, we have something to offer someone else. Each day, we can consider what we can do to be of service to God and to our fellows. It's why we are in recovery in the first place. Daily service is a sure way to keep us there. 🙏🏻

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