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Club Rules

  1. All members and non-members will comply with the laws of the State of Texas.

  2. In addition to 1. above, no inappropriate behavior will be tolerated and may result in one losing his membership and getting barred from the Club.

  3. Club members may play cards, dominoes, etc. but, no gambling or betting will be allowed.

  4. As the Club is a non-profit corporation, no soliciting will be allowed on the premises by members or non-members of the Club.

  5. Anyone, member or non-member, attempting to sell or distribute drugs or alcohol on the Club premises will be reported to the local authorities and barred from the club.

  6. The Club will not be used as a place for loitering. In addition, no non-member will be allowed to remain on the premises longer than 30 minutes before or 30 minutes after a meeting. However, if a non-member is accompanied by a club member and they are involved in sponsorship or tweve step work, they may stay as long as necessary during Clup hours.

  7. No pets are allowed on the premises, with exception of those required to help the blind or visually impaired.

  8. Any Group meeting in the Club will be required to clean up after their meeting and to reposition the chairs and tables back to their original position.

  9. The Club is a non-smoking facility. The non-smoking policy also includes what are commonly referred to as E-Cigarettes or any form of vapor products. However, smoking will be allowed 50' from the Club doors.

  10. Concerning the Club's surrounding properties (neighbors) there will be no socializing, fraternizing, encroachments, etc. on to their properties, even if invited. Not honoring this rule could be grounds to bar one from the Club.

  11. Club hours are 6:00 AM to 12:00 Midnight. After these hours, no one has permission to be on the property except the landlord, a board member or the care taker.

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